INFOCUS increases Outreach to Europe and partners with TIMM and ECMM

The INFOCUS Organizing Commission is proud to announce a partnership with ECMM (European Confederation of Medical Mycology)the organizer of the biannual TIMM (Trends in Medical Mycology) conference. ECMM was instituted at the Institut Pasteur in Paris on November 25th, 1993 and its mission is the rendering of support to science and research, the international coordination of scientific and clinical activities, the organization of mycological conventions and of training programs. As the umbrella organization of the European mycological entities, the Confederation works towards the unification of Mycology scientists interested in human and veterinary medical issues related to mycology.

Starting in 2020 INFOCUS will alternate with the ECMM TIMM conference, and take place every even-year, while TIMM will take place every odd-year, with ECMM supporting INFOCUS and vice versa.